About me

Trust is the basis of any partnership

Of course you want to know just who fights alongside you for your rights and what skills and expertise I bring to the table. I have been practicing law in Fulda, Kassel and Gries since early 2003; during this time I have not only worked to protect my clients’ rights, but also acquired a number of additional qualifications.

Today I can offer you expert legal advice in these areas:

My priority has always been to deliver the best possible support to my clients and to ensure that their rights are recognized

I am constantly adding to my knowledge and skills and have acquired a number of advanced qualifications. I am a certified specialist in

  • Family Law and
  • Social Security Law

In addition, I hold the


I regularly take part in specialist seminars and training events to ensure that I can always provide the most up-to-date legal advice.

As you can see, there are many reasons to contact me and find out about your options

How may I help you protect your rights? If you want an expert opinion on your case, call me at 06373-891145 or fill out the contact form.