Family Law

Are you facing a divorce? Do you want to be prepared for such an eventuality?

When a marriage breaks down, the resulting emotional turmoil can be extremely stressful. But the consequences of divorce can be even more far-reaching: Sometimes there are existential issues at stake, issues of vital importance that can affect your entire future life, and the lives of your children. So don’t hesitate:

Find a good attorney to guide you through your divorce…

The sooner the better – that way you can make decisions and deal with important issues before the opportunity passes. As a Certified Specialist in Family Law I will support you every step of the way.

How can I help you during your divorce proceedings?

  • On the one hand, there is the emotional reassurance gained from the advice of an objective outsider who is familiar with the legalities of the case. Most often, you will find that things are not necessarily as bad as you think.
  • Then there are financial considerations: I will help you calculate and obtain the spousal support that is due to you. We also need to consider the pension rights adjustment, i.e. the distribution of pension claims. Throughout all this, I will be by your side.
  • And if you have children: Who will get custody? How does everyone involved find a way to deal sensibly with each other – and protect the children’s rights?

You don’t want to be faced with these questions?

Then I recommend signing a prenuptial agreement. In time. While things are good between you and your partner. Usually that makes it much easier to clear up matters later and come to a mutually agreeable arrangement.

A prenuptial agreement is especially important if you are or plan to become self-employed. In this case, the agreement will help you cleanly separate your business from your private life. This is also something that potential business partners often ask for when you start a company together.

As you can see, there is much to consider, and more than one reason to seek my confidential advice

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