Claiming your rights and having them recognized … is often a question of having the right legal counsel

There are two sides to every legal problem – at least. All the more reason to seek legal counsel. The sooner the better. How may I help you protect your rights?

I am a civil litigation attorney specializing in the following areas:

Family Law

Are you facing a divorce? Do you want to be prepared for such an eventuality? When a marriage breaks down, the resulting emotional turmoil can be extremely stressful. But the consequences of divorce may be even more far-reaching: Sometimes there are existential issues at stake, issues of vital importance that can affect your entire future life, and the lives of your children. So don’t hesitate – seek legal counsel now.

Estate Planning and Inheritance

Do you want to settle your affairs? Are you involved in an inheritance dispute? Not many areas of law offer more conflict potential than questions of inheritance. Is there a will? Whom does it benefit? Who comes away empty-handed? And can the will be contested? Best to document your wishes in time and spare your inheritors unnecessary trouble.

Employment Law / Business Law

The real fuel for conflict is in the small print and the deadlines. Company agreements, articles of association, employment contracts, official warnings, dismissals … if you are dealing with one or more of the above, whether as employer or employee, it is a good idea to protect yourself legally. Because when push comes to shove, your opponents will fight with no holds barred.

Traffic Law

Have you had your driver’s license revoked? Had an accident? Violated the speed limit? Then your life just became more difficult. Especially if you need your driver’s license or your car every day. All it takes is one second of inattention… and the mills of the legal system start grinding. Be sure not to make a statement to the police without seeking legal advice first.

Social Security Law

Are you lost in the maze of social regulations? Unemployment benefits, pension, medical insurance, basic security benefits: With its countless clauses, regulations, exceptions and ongoing amendments, the Social Security Code is a challenge even for insiders. Best not to enter the lion’s den alone.

Landlord and Tenant Law

A constant source of trouble. Utilities statements, rent increases, notices of termination, tenancy agreements and actions for eviction offer numerous points of friction. Whether you are the landlord or the tenant: Asserting your rights in these situations is virtually impossible without legal help.

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