Estate Planning and Inheritance

Do you want to settle your affairs? Are you involved in an inheritance dispute?

Not many areas of law offer more conflict potential than questions of inheritance. Is there a will? Whom does it benefit? Who comes away empty-handed? And can the will be contested? Best to document your wishes in time. Unfortunately, only one in three people in Germany actually draw up a will. And that will is often riddled with faults. Which means that what you wanted to avoid ultimately happens: Your inheritors are not clear on your wishes.

Do you have monetary assets or real estate? Do you own a business?

In this case, preparing an airtight will can be of crucial importance, e.g. with regard to the death tax. The law gives you a certain scope for action, which you should know and take advantage of during your lifetime. I can help you prepare a will that leaves no doubt as to your wishes and settles the succession in your business once and for all.

You have been named as inheritor? Careful!

Accepting an inheritance without prior examination can have momentous – and undesired – consequences. You may inherit financial obligations that leave you teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. That is why you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible to help you decide whether to accept or refuse an inheritance.

Please note: Inheritance cases are subject to deadlines that must be observed. Even a failure to act may have legal consequences.

Inheriting – a sensitive subject for many reasons, but one on which I can offer comprehensive advice

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